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Flexible Cryptocurrency Price Alerts Types

Flexible crypto price alert types

Most Bitcoin price alert tools only offer alerts that based on price changes. But we offer you much more powerful alerts based on criteria such as trading spikes, percentage increase/decrease, volume increase/decrease and more. You can also get crypto price regular updates, with no need to stare at the price any more. We save your time and let you focus on what you love!

Monitoring 12,000+ cryptocurrencies' price

We support 20+ major markets and more than 12,000+ cryptocurrencies. Create an alert in less than 30 seconds. You will never miss an inversting oppounity! Sign up free here >>

Monitoring 1000+ cryptocurrencies price
Mutibile Bitcoin notifications

Mutibile Bitcoin notifications

Get real-time notifications via email and international SMS. You don't need to install any apps on your cell phone! We made it convenient for you!

Major cryptocurrency exchanges supported

Want Coinbase price notifications, GDAX price alerts, and more? Don't worry! We support cryptocurrency price alert from over 20+ major exchanges. Check all the exchanges we supported here >>

Major cryptocurrency exchanges supported

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Setting Bitcoin price alert
Setting Bitcoin price alert online

In the control panel, set Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies' price and notifications types.

track cryptocurrency price
Track cryptocurrency price 24/7

Monitor your cryptocurrencies' price and the changes in 24/7. You will get alerted if the price achives what you setted.

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"Very good online tool to monitor cryptocurrency price and get alarms! It saved me a lot of time! I don't need to check Bitcoin's price again and again everyday. Now, I can put all my valuable time and energy on my job!"

- Tom Naber

"Thank you a lot for providing such an awesome tool to track Bitcoin price! Once again thank you sir and your team. Excellent! Alert me the price of Bitcoin I setted and I never miss a golden opportunity to buy Bitcoin at a proper price. It helps me to make a profitable and sweet invest."

- Don Cheney

"Unbelievably easy to use and full of just the right features. I have been looking for a service to get live cryptocurrency price tracking like this for a long time. I recommend every cryptocurrency investors use it!"

- Nick Gackell

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Want a free and easy-to-use way to get Bitcoin alerts? We got you covered. Are you an advanced trader who wants an alert if the price of LTC on BTC-e goes above 1000 coins per hour? No problem! Bitcoin Alert helps you understand what's going on with the markets - and protect your investment.